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Tassie Tiger MascotCherry Mascot for the Cherry Shed in LatrobeCherry's Shoes Cauliflwer Mascot for Sarah HodgettsCauliflower Mascot in profileProstate Pete Mascot for Lions.Prostate Pete Mascot backApple skin pattern.Royal Gala Apple for Fruit Growers TasmaniaModel for Tas Bash DragonCarved Dragon for Tas Bash charity, in collaboration with Anja ReinaldaCarved Lips for Tas Bash charity carCarved Lips for Tas Bash charity car.Laijkonic for Polish SocietyMoney Spinner Mascot for CollexThe building of a politician's head mascot.The sculptureThe castingApplying latex and fabricNearly thereLooks like the picture?Finished Latex Head
It's just a coincidence that the big mascots pictured here are all a roundish shape, I can make them any shape you like.