ROZ WREN Costumes,Mascots,Puppets,Workshops,Theming,
Treasure Island CostumesTreasure IslandTreasure IslandTreasure Island 2012Salamanca Art's Centre birthday celebrations. The Pageant 1/4/2012Lion Head Hats for 'Play of Daniel' performed at St David's Cathedral March 2012Explosion Therapy for Terrapin designed by Frank Newman and I, made by me.Explosion Therapy 2008Explosion Therapy Kookie and her 'Self' puppetOnce a Jolly Jumbuck. Designed for Big MonkeyOnce a Jolly Jumbuck. Cocky, Bilby, Sheep dog and Matilda.Once a Jolly Jumbuck. Matilda the SheeepOnce a Jolly Jumbuck. Crow.Once a Jolly Jumbuck. EchidnaOnce a Jolly Jumbuck. The Green AntsOnce A Jolly Jumbuck. Professor PlatypussOnce a Jolly Jumbuck. BandicootImpressive Bosom Apron for Terrapin.The Lizard of Oz. Fruit BatDream Masons. My realisation of design drawings from Tania of Red Moon Theatre Dream Masons 2. Prissy Wife's BonnetDream Masons 3. Wife's Hand Painted Bustle DressDream Masons 4. Greedy LandlordDream Masons 5. Strong Arm SailorDream Masons 6. Weeping WidowDream Masons 7. Hen Pecked  HusbandDream Masons 8. Bawdy BabeDream Masons 9. Widows HatDetail for Mr ToadRobin HoodExotic Bird HatOnce a Jolly Jumbuck CastAladdin 1Aladdin 2Aladdin 3Wind In the Willows'Oh Noah' hatsMermaid top, wig and tail.African inspired skirt and turban.Casino/Denim Skirt
I love making costumes, I get to research, design, draw, make patterns, shop, sew, paint, distress, age, appliqué, dye and any other technique I can think of using at the time.
Here is a selection of my work..